David & Kim (About Us)

We made our first boxes in 1981. Before that David was a carpenter. Kim was a bank teller and had experience making jewelry. They combined David’s experience working with wood with Kim’s incredible eye for detail. We use only the finest, highly figured, hard to find legal woods on the planet. A clear oil finish and coat of paste wax on each box shows the true color of each wood.

In 1982, we did our first American Craft Enterprise show in San Francisco and discovered that stores and galleries were really interested in our work. We spent the next 37 years attending trade shows for American crafts selling exclusively to fine galleries, craft stores and museum shops all over the world.

Here’s a few photos of David milling up the tail end of a giant Maple Burl:

A pair of bookmatched cuts.

Here’s Kim at her polishing wheel, while Rusty waits for her to throw the ball out the window: